Worship Team Audition Form

Thank you for showing interest in being part of the FPC worship team! In order to begin the process of scheduling an audition, we would like to get to know you a little better. Please answer the questions and fill in the spaces below. Please be honest and answer to the best of your ability. We are excited about using the gifts God has given you.


Please upload mp3 or m4a file only. 3 minutes maximum. NOTE this does not replace the requirement to audition in person.

Worship Team Requirements

  • Attend FPC services and special events as a leader and a vision-carrier…leading worship in the congregation even when you’re not on stage.
  • Attend all required FPC worship meetings and rehearsals, unless otherwise previously worked out with the worship leader.
  • Be open to, and seek accountability.
  • Be 100% committed.
  • Seek and trust Godly counsel.
  • Living a life that resembles that of Jesus Christ.