Defeating Your Invisible Enemy

Why Can’t I Get Rid Of Guilty Memories?

Satan attacks every day. His specialty is discouragement. His best weapon is our secrets — our guilty memories and regrets.

Do your realize that Satan keeps careful notes on everything you have ever done wrong? He knows all of your secrets. The Bible says he is your constant accuser. He never wants your memories to heal!!! Have you experienced his attacks? Do you have guilty memories that never seem to go away or heal? Do you realize you have been arrowed by the accuser? Did you know that Satan’s greatest pleasure is when he can use a human being as his accomplice in accusing and condemning others?

Have you ever been around people who never yell at you; in fact, they never actually say anything but as they are smiling, you can just feel their arrows of condemnation hitting you. Satan uses them as his accomplice in shooting accusing and condemning thoughts into you and smiling the whole time.

What Satan whispers to them might even be true. Satan will use truth if that is what it takes to get human beings to serve him in accusing and condemning other human beings whom Jesus died to save. That’s how he breaks up marriages and families and churches. Satan loves people to have accusing thoughts against each other because Satan knows thoughts eventually become actions and attitudes and he wins again.

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