Independence Day

Thankful To Live In America!

This Sunday is a joyous time together that will thank God for blessing the
American ‘experiment’ in personal freedom for all, an oddity in human history!

History has been deconstructed and re-written denying the Christian foundation
of America. But what are the facts? And why is it important to the future?

Sunday you will hear a stirring message about the cross of Christ being removed
all over America.

When there are no more crosses left in America personal freedoms will be gone.

Most people do not see the connection but it is huge.

Expose your friends to FPC Sunday, especially those in the military whom we will honor!

  • Thrilling music at both Padre and Main Street that will make you proud to be an American!
  • Those who have served America in uniform will be honored!
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • A message with things you never knew before.

We will have professional recording artist Tammi Brown, John Wineglass and a special 25 piece orchestra playing your favorite patriotic music.


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