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Radio Broadcasts

Pastor Mike’s messages can be heard on KKMC (880 AM) 6:30 AM and 5:30 PM daily, and Sundays at 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM
Daily Radio Schedule
God Will Meet Your Deepest Needs
Feb 7/8 If God Is Good, Why Doesn’t He Stop Evil?
Feb 9/10 What’s God’s Plan To Stop The Suffering In This World
Feb 12/13 Finding Courage When You Are Afraid
Feb 14/15 Keeping Hope When It Looks Hopeless
Feb 16/17 When Painful Losses Hit
Feb 19/20 The Paradoxical Power Of Surrender
Do You Think I’m Pretty?
Feb 21/22 Do You Think I’m Pretty?
Feb 23/24 The Cure For Low Self-Esteem
Feb 26/27 Self-Esteem: Giving A Child A Lasting Treasure
Feb 28/Mar 1 How To Stop Feeling Inferior
Mar 2/3 Do You Have The Courage To Be Different?
God’s Not Dead
Mar 5/6 How Science Proves God Exists!
Mar 7/8 The Scientific Proof Against Evolution!
Mar 9/10 The Scientific Proof The Bible Is True!
Mar 12/13 The Proof Jesus Existed And Is God!