Radio Schedule

Radio Broadcasts

Pastor Mike’s messages can be heard on KKMC (880 AM) 6:30 AM and 5:30 PM daily, and Sundays at 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM
Daily Radio Schedule

Oct 10/11 Is Everything That Happens God’s Will?
Oct 12/13 “Never Say “”There Is No Way!”””
Oct 15 Forgive? Why Should I?
Oct 16/17 Refuse To Live In Fear
Oct 18/19 How To Turn Sadness Into Dancing
Oct 20/22 Never Let Failure Break You
Oct 23/24 Don’t Let The Pits Of Life Discourage You
  Rising From The Ashes
Oct 25/26 Confessions Of A Grieving Father
Oct 27/29 Is Suicide An Unforgivable Sin?
Oct 30/31 Forgiving Myself:  The Hardest Part Of Grief!
Nov 1/2 When The Life You Planned Isn’t Happening!
Nov 3/5 Is God To Blame For My Son’s Death?
Nov 6/7 When You Pray and God Does Nothing!
Nov 8/9 God’s Answer To How Unfair Life Can Be!
  How To Pray Prayers That Change Things
Nov 10/12 Does Prayer Change Anything?
Nov 13/14 Unanswered Prayer: God’s Fault Or Ours?
Nov 15/16 Wasting Time With God
Nov 17 When You Feel Like Giving Up!
Nov 19/20 How To Know God’s Will For Your Life