Winning The Battle of Your Thoughts!


Does Satan exist or is he only a myth?

If we cannot see him, does that mean he does not exist or is there an invisible world all around us?

What if there is a supernatural being we cannot see named Satan who is our enemy and who wants to do us harm because he hates God?

Do only religious nuts believe in Satan, or is there credible evidence for Satan’s existence? If he does exist, should we be afraid of him as Hollywood movies suggest? The Bible firmly says NO. Satan has NO power over us unless we open the door to him. He cannot break down our door He can only knock. The devil knocks on everyone’s door — He even knocked on Jesus’ door!!!

Sunday Dr. Mike begins a new series about spiritual warfare: In this series you will learn
who Satan is, WHAT IT sounds like when he knocks on our door and the tricks he uses to get in, …and how the the Bible says to resist the devil and he will flee! This is not a fear creating series, but a confidence building series in spiritual warfare. Get equipped to protect yourself, your children, your marriage!

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