Satan’s Temptations


The Word of God says, “Your Enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”.

Could it be true that Satan is real? That we have a supernatural Enemy who tempts us because he wants to wreck us or even use us for his work on earth? Maybe a better question is “what are your regrets that began as a temptation and you gave in and now you wish to God you had conquered that temptation?”

The Bible says Satan is deceitful and a liar. He always makes temptation look so good and right. Ever had something that looked so good but it turned ugly and painful?

The Bible says Satan is the best fisherman on planet earth, that he knows what bait tempts you to bite. He covers a hook with bait that tempts you, that looks so good, but if you take the bait, it turns painful and drags you down.

Everyday Satan knocks on our door with temptation. Satan knocked on Jesus’ door and tempted Him His whole life. What temptations has Satan been using lately to knock on your door?

Satan shoots flaming arrow-thoughts into our mind that lie to us and make us weak:

  • Everyone is doing it. It can’t be bad!
  • Why should you let religion stop you from getting what you want
  • You can’t take the Bible literally. Besides, it’s full of contradictions.
  • How can this be temptation when it looks so good?
  • Besides, you only live once!!!!
  • Don’t worry. You’re special. There won’t be any consequences for you!
  • Satan can’t break down your door. He can shoot tempting thoughts into your mind, but he can’t hurt you unless you open the door of your life to him and take the bait!
  • How has Satan been knocking on your door?

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