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Jesus spent 2/3 of his ministry in a small group of 12 or less. He is the model we all try to emulate. If Jesus spent 2/3 of his time doing something, it was probably the most important thing he wanted us to do. Groups meet all over the Salinas Region Morning, noon & night for an hour or so…Call today & get connected Contact the church 422-7811
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Why Minister to Men?

Men have been given the role of spiritual leader of the household. It is the man’s responsibility to lead his family in spiritual matters.

Compass Men’s Ministries equip men to provide that spiritual leadership to his family, whatever the composition of that family may be.

Compass believes that moving the priorities of one man to spiritual priorities will change his family, which in turn will change his neighborhood, which will change the city, which will change the state, and ultimately change the country.

Every man is important: important to Compass, important to the community, important to his family, and important to God. Men need to LEAD and to be LEAD:
Lead his family

Experience fellowship with other men

Apply spiritual truths to everyday living

Decide to make a difference

How? Through the following Men’s Ministry Programs: