Defeating Your Invisible Enemy

Fighting Lies with Truth

Imagine you are in a boxing ring fighting against the heavy weight champion of the world.

For most of us chances are that would be a pretty short fight. Now imagine yourself blindfolded while boxing against this same opponent. From outside the ring you would look just like a human punching bag. Unfortunately many of us look like that in our day to day battle against Satan. Some people not only don’t know how to engage in spiritual warfare but they fail to realize it exists!

This Sunday we will look at God’s personal battle plan against the devil, using the armor of God metaphors in Ephesians 6. We have an enemy that “prowls around like a roaring lion” but we can stand firm and fight to win. We not only stand a chance against our opponent but the Bible says that “greater is He that is in me than he that is in world.” We can win if know how to fight.

Come this Sunday and hear the details!

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