Ron Bunch

Ron was born in San Luis Obispo and raised in Arroyo Grande. He moved his family to Salinas in 1994. They have been attending Compass since 2010. Ron & Kris have been married for 28 years. They have 2 girls, Amy & Natalie, both who are currently involved in missionary work.

Ron attended Cal Poly and received a BS in Crops Science. He also received an MS in Agronomy & a PHD in Plant Breeding & Plan Genetics from the University of Wisconsin. Currently Ron works for D’Arrigo Bros as Director of Seed Research & Development.

Ron & Kris have been involved in Dynamic Marriage and several couples Bible study groups. He attends a men’s Bible study group and serves at Dorothy’s Place. He is also a member of Gideons International and enjoys gardening and spending time with his family.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to grow in my relationship with Christ and to surrender more of my life to Him. I pray that the Holy Spirit will work through me to help lead the church adhering to God’s Word and His will for us as we build His kingdom and strengthen His church through our mission to save the unsaved.”

Gary Courtright

Gary was born in Ft. Huachucca, AZ but raised in California. Gary accepted Christ in 1984 and in 1988 his family moved to Salinas.

Gary is a graduate of North Monterey County and attended both Hartnell & Patten College. He is owner/designer of Carmel Kitchens & Baths. Gary has been married to Anna for 19 years. They have 5 boys, Nick (23), Hudson (16), James & Nash (15), and Anker (12).

They started attending Compass in 2004 and joined shortly thereafter. Gary volunteers with TNT, teaching in Middle School Ministry, ushering and manning the coffee bar on Sundays. He also enjoys mountain biking, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking & dancing.

“I am humbled to be called to serve our church body as an Elder. Volunteering in the Youth Ministries has been spiritually eye-opening, challenging and encouraging. I am looking forward to becoming more deeply involved in these ministries.”

Jeri Dailey

Jeri was born in Honolulu, HI. Her step-father was in the Air Force so she has lived in many different countries. She moved to Salinas in 1970. Jeri committed her life to Christ in 1980.

Jeri retired after being a Human Resource Manager for 30 years. She’s been married to Chuck for 11 years. In 2004 they started attending Compass and became members in 2006. They both are very involved in church and have been facilitators for Dynamic Marriage. Currently she is in the worship choir, on the Worship Arts Commission, a section leader in the choir, counselor for New Hope Ministry and attends Bible study. Jeri has also served as a greeter, teaching kindergarten, been a Deacon and in Women’s Ministry as a Bible study leader, on the Executive Team and hostess for Sarah’s Tea.

“Losing my first husband to cancer was a painful experience. During the grieving process, my faith was shaken, but I reached out to our Heavenly Father. God revealed Himself to me in ways that I cannot express with words. Jesus promised to make a way for me, and He did. I met my wonderful husband, and am lifted up by the strong leadership in this Church. Good things happen under great leaders. I thank the Lord for Compass and how loved and accepted, I have felt, since attending here.”

Ruben Garnica

Ruben was born in Phoenix, AZ but raised in Salinas. He started attending FPC in 2009 and made a commitment to follow Christ in 2013. Ruben has been married to Naomie for 22 years. They have 3 children; Zachary, Josiah & Elijah. He works for GN USA Sales as a produce salesman.

Ruben is active in CR, a men’s Bible study & Kids Zone. He also serves on the Hartnell’s L.L Board and coaches youth sports in Salinas.

“I gave myself to Christ in 2013 and was baptized in the Fall of 2014 at Compass. I have completed a 12 Step Recovery Program through CR and Pastor Mike’s Bible study. My life has been better since giving my soul to our Creator.”

Kerry Harvey
Family Life

Kerry was born in Carmel and raised in Carmel Valley. She married Don in 2001 and they moved to Salinas and started attending Compass. Kerry accepted the Lord shortly thereafter. They have 2 grown children; Crystal (who has given them a grandson, Braydon) & Robert and Hanna who is in middle school.

Kerry has a BA in Communication from UC Santa Barbra. She has worked for the American Cancer Society for 26 years in management.

They have been members of Compass for 10 years and Kerry is active in the church in Family Ministry, serves on the Finance Committee and is a Dynamic Marriage facilitator. She also enjoys biking, running swimming and being involved in the kids’ schools and sports.

“I am so blessed to have Compass save me and be our family church. I look forward to our church’s future and utilizing whatever skills I have towards God’s agenda. I am excited to help again, in any way that I can.”

Joe Malone

In 1995 a member of Compass invited Joe to worship. At the time Joe was on drugs, even though he was in business, and had a huge temper. This member of Compass had been to his auto body shop for some repairs and developed a friendship, detected this in Joe, and invited him to meet him in worship. Finally Joe came and sat in the back and was amazed at the relevance. He wept through most of the service because he knew he was addicted and in a downward spiral. …Soon thereafter Joe became a Christian while involved in Youth Ministry with Joel, and then got in Bible study with Pastor Mike. Jesus completely transformed him.

Joe has been married to Vanessa for 30+ years. Vanessa started coming to Compass about a year after Joe to see why he kept going, shortly after she also accepted Christ. They have 2 daughters, Brittany & Ashley.

Jesus delivered him from his addictions, including anger, restored his marriage, and enabled Joe to become a better businessman. Today Malone’s Auto Body Shop is one of the largest and most respected auto shops in Salinas. This is largely due to his transformation and relationships with employees as well as his integrity. If you met Joe today, it would be hard to believe what he was like 19 years ago.

You may have seen on KION stories about Joe giving repaired cars away to needy single mothers. KION has made this a regular feature. It’s just one of the many ways Joe is generous. And witnesses to Jesus and to the difference Compass has made. He always insists on this during the filming. Moreover, Joe gives felons and other people who have been in trouble a 2nd chance by hiring them. His shop is an amazing place where Jesus has enormous influence on men, many of whom now come to Compass.

He has been an Elder previously, and now we are very happy he’s accepted nomination for another term. Joe is a living example of the difference Jesus makes.

Doug Post

Doug was born in Sibley, IA and has been saved since high school. In 2010 he moved to Pebble Beach and in 2011 they started attending Compass joining shortly thereafter.

Doug’s education is in electronics/business although he is mostly retired still works part-time at Abbott Medical Optics.  Doug has been married to Betty for 41 years. They have 4 grown children, Melanie (37), Leah (36), Amber (33) and Derek (22).

Besides being in a men’s Bible Study, Doug served on the “Imagine” committee last fall.  He also serves on 2 Boards of medical device companies, loves spoiling his 3 grandkids and playing golf.

“Our family has been very blessed since we started worshipping at Compass I pray for God’s wisdom as we present Christ to the unsaved in our community.”

Benjamin Schaub

Benjamin was born in New York and raised in Florida. He moved to Salinas in 1979. In 2008 he started attending Compass and shortly thereafter decided to accept Christ as his personal Savior. Benjamin has been married to Marie for 14 years and they 5 boys; Hunter, Chase, Scout, Archer, and Walker.

Benjamin owns Salinas Motorcycle Center. He has been in CR for 4 years, currently is a men’s Bible study leader and teaches Sunday School to our kindergarteners He enjoys hunting, travel and is developing a ranch into an outdoor ministry.

“I am so blessed that Compass was there to ‘save the unsaved’ me! Grateful that others before me built such a magnificent and welcoming boat. I am honored to help continue the tradition of ‘saving the unsaved’ in our community; our greatest calling.”

Steve Taylor

Steve was born and raised in Salinas. He was saved in high school. In 1978 he married Kathy. They moved back to Salinas in 1987, started attending Compass and became members shortly thereafter. Steve & Kathy have 3 adults children and 2 grandchildren.

Steve attend UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. He was the CEO of Fresh Express. He is the CEO of Forum Spiritual Leadership Institute, Chairman of Legacy Political Action Committee and active with Life and Marriage PAC.

Steve is active in men’s Bible study, was previously an Elder and is on the Finance & Building Committees.

“I wake up each day and ask God what is on His agenda for the day. I spend my time in personal time with God; business interests; identifying, vetting and helping elect Constitutional conservative candidates; and disciplining men (mostly in the business world) and couples (to grow in their marriage and encourage them to be witnesses to the unsaved world for Christ and all that God intended for marriage).”